Step 5: Promote your Blog – Get more people to read your blog

promote your blog

Learn how to promote your WordPress Blog and achieve #1 rank on google. I’ll teach you to promote your blog through social media, search engines, SEO, Email marketing, blog commenting, forum posting etc.

Writing great content writing and a well-designed blog is only the start of the blogging. So to get the readers on your blog, you have to spend your time and give dedication because it is your first start.

Submit to Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing)

You wish to have a search engine to include the blog of yours’ in the search results.

Google: Sign up with the Google Webmaster account and you have to open the Search Console. To add your blog, you have to click on “Add Property” and follow the procedure to add your blog.

Bing & Yahoo: Similarly you can do Yahoo & Bing Webmaster account and you can add your blog.

Use Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin)

If you don’t want to work with social media accounts and still want to create an account with the “biggies”. You can create a Facebook Page, Twitter Account, Linkedin, Instagram Account & Pinterest Account to get a start. You post a new blog on your account, post relevant news and other links that your readers may find interesting. Please don’t forget to use Hashtags, so that you can engage your followers.

Comment on Other Blogs & Forum Posting

You can also find other blogs and can engage with them. You can comment in the section provided by introducing yourself and leave constructing as well as engaging comments. Most of the members will allow you to leave your link to the blog in the comment section. Once you get this, create a relationship with the prominent members of the blogging community. Now no one will stop you in achieving their ranks quickly. Forum posting is also one of the important way to bring traffic.

Collaborate Yourslef

You have to involve yourself in the community of blogging by collaborating with the community which includes promoting each other’s blogs, guest postings, and interacting regularly on comments.

Get Engaged with Your Readers

When the readers or the audience leave comments on your blog or on social media, it is your duty to engage them by replying to their comments, by giving them “Likes” and “affirmations”. This is obvious that the author would be curious about his spectators/readers and the visitors are encouraged to return.

Email Marketing

If you are posted a new blog and you see new visitors coming on your blog, then you must also make sure that the old visitors also come back. Here plays the email marketing a big role. You can collect the email addresses of the visitors with their permission and can notify them whenever you have posted something new in your blog. this is done so that the visitors could come back which helps to create a good relationship with the visitors and of course huge traffic on your blog.

Email marketing is also a big topic to be discussed. So here we have given a separate guide for email marketing for the one who wants to learn and are interested.

Post/Update Your Blog Regularly

You can create your editorial calendar and have to stick with it and post regularly. It is the quality of a good blogger. If there be an extendable time gap between the blogs, then the visitors will drop off and the growth will be hampered severely. It is certainly not an easy task to post regularly but you have to stick with it.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a popular process for optimizing your blog in order to receive traffic from heavy search engines like Google. The first step is to submit your blog to the search engines. This should be kept in mind that with a brand new blog, the search engine which shows results are minimal to start with. However, this problem will be covered once you start adding relevant and informative content on your blog on a regular basis. For better search engine results, you have to add more and more pieces of information for the large traffic.

From the parts of SEO, each blog which you post must include these fundamental elements:

  1. Metadata: The most important part of a post is metadata. It includes Meta Title, Meta keywords, Meta Description etc. This is what Google shows when you search for any keywords/phrase on Google search engines. Also this is the main part of the content which google crawl first and saved it into their database.
  2. Header Tags: Section headings and the subheadings should be wrapped in the header tags. For this, you have to click on the left item of the block while writing and convert it in to “Heading”.  You can also choose from H1, H2, H3, etc.
  3. Categorization: Search engines widely depend on the hierarchy of the posts. The post should be categorized into relevant categories. Click on “Document” in the post editor screen on the right menu, and go down to “Categories” and you can “Add New Category”.
  4. Permalinks: Each blog also posts “slug” at the end portion of the URL. You have to make sure that each blog has defined slug and should not end with any article number. You can change your WordPress dashboard by following these steps: Settings-Permalinks-Post Name and then click on Save Changes.

There are various incredible factors that are related to SEO, but they are the bigger ones which help to appear your blog sooner than later.