Pages That Your Blog Must Have

Pages That Your Blog Must Have

There are some basic pages that your blog must have in order to get search engines attention and follow the online policies implemented by online authorities to keep your site safe and reliable.

Important pages to be included:

  • Contact Us – A contact page is for the visitor to reach the author. This gives the author a chance of proving that he is real and reachable. You can also add your email address, name, contact number, and your present address. You can also put all your links to the social media which you are using at the present keeping your privacy.
  • About Us – This page gives the biographical summary of the author(s) and the mission statement. Think to answer these questions: How the matter of passion for the subject develops? What else you want to convey to the universe? What are your ultimate goals?

Other pages that are as equally as important but are less commonly thought of are:

  • Disclaimer: You have to describe the ways to generate income if you are intended to make money from your blog. this is the must-have page that should not be ignored as per the FTC guidelines. Example: If you are endorsing and discussing any product which you stand to monetize from the affiliate links then this relationship must be confidential.
  • Terms and Condition: If your blog runs a store or any selling services, then you must have a lawyer draft for your Terms of Service Page for liability, accountability, and provide maximum protection.
  • Privacy Policy: If you are collecting data from your visitors by either way then you are required and must add privacy policy so that the visitors will be getting the information that you are collecting their data, sharing somewhere or you are using it for some purpose. This is done as per the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) & GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

These are the required static pages that are found in the footer of the blog. They should be the least visible and accessible from the home page.  You can look at the bottom of this page to confirm how it looks in practice.

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