Step 6: Make money blogging – Choose from several options to monetize your blog

make money blogging

Once you have made up your mind for creating a blog as well as promoting it with some earning, then you are in the right place. Money making from the blog is an easy task.

Blogs being extremely lucrative, but this doesn’t mean that the money-making plan will be started from the first week or you can say in the first month. It could take more than 6 months or a year for a steady stream of income. It takes your hard work and dedication towards it when you are blogging. Once you have a large audience, there are several ways which you can apply to monetize your blog.

Google Adsense (Sell Advertising Space)

If you are having a popular blog, then the advertisement company will be hounding for you for their advertisement. Google Adsense plays a vital role in this situation and you can take the opportunity. Here the Google will find your advertiser and the only thing which you have to do is putting the Adsense Code on your blog for running ads.

Affiliate Programs (Amazon, Ebay, SiteGraound)

An Affiliate Program- a commission-based method to advertise. When the visitor clicks the link in your blog, he will be directly sent to the advertiser’s site and you will be getting a commission for that if they purchase. These Affiliate Program Links are the best way to earn a good income through the product reviews and this should remain disclosed.

Digital Downloads

Ebooks, e-courses & video tutorials are the most consumed digital materials which are being sold by the bloggers. With a few to no overhead and also no shipping costs, you have the option of keeping the price low and inviting.

If you consider yourself knowledgeable, then you can write your ebook and surely you will be surprised!

Selling Products and Services

Selling your services & products directly on your blog is the best way to increase your earnings. As the blog grows and you see a wide number of audience visiting your blog, then the products will sell out at short intervals.

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