Step 3: Customize your WordPress Blog – Choose a free template and tweak it

customize your wordpress blog

In very easy step using screenshots I’ll teach you how to customize your WordPress blog in just few clicks. You do not need to e technica or epert for this purpose. Just follow the steps I am telling you.

Logging in Your Blog Dashboard

There are is very easy step to get logged in you admin dashboard.

Type url like and enter your user name and password.

You can change your blog design

Obviously you want to make your blog unique and attractive. The most important fact about WordPress is that it is possible to change look and feel of your blog in just few easy clicks without having any technical knowledge.

WordPress Provides lots of free themes that you can use for your blog. A theme is entirely responsible for functionality and layout of your blog. You need to go to theme section of the admin area by clicking on left navigation Appearance=>Themes

You will see here many themes already installed. Untill you are not very specific I suggest you to go with any of them as they are very fast in response and light weighted. Most of the bloggers use them.

Which ever theme you like you need to click on “activate” button after hover over and the layout of you blog will be changed accordingly.

In case you don’t like any of the them then just simply click on “Add New” button on the top left in blue color or on the bottom in grey color and get thousands of them to install and activate.