Step 1: Choose a topic for your Blog – Choose something descriptive

choose a topic for your blog

Time now to select a niche (topic) for your blog. I’ll suggest to select one that falls in your interest area so that you do not feel stressed while managing it. It should be a fun to write and publish blog post.

Still if you are not sure about the topic, here are few hints that may help you!

Hobbies and passions

If you can start with one of your hobbies or passion that can be very interesting. Kitchen, home furnishing, cooking, fashion, travel, sports, cars, movies are all other classic examples.

Life experiences/Perceptions

You can start a blog about your life experience. For example, recently I helped a mother of a baby girl who’s husband was an army man who died in a battle 3 years before. So she had a lot to share about her life without a husband and living alone and also experience of the fear when her husband goes on operations. You also can share your knowledge based on anything that you experienced very well in your life through your blog.

A personal blog

A personal blog is a blog that presents you, your hobbies, your dreams, your routine, experiences, thoughts etc. This will include miscellaneous topics from things you do on a daily basis. This gives you a great way to share your thoughts with people across the world.

Hope you have selected the topic for your blog now. It’s time to choose your blog name.

It is good to have a descriptive name for your blog so that people can draw an idea of the content from the name only without visiting your blog. A descriptive name always withdraw attention of interested people.

It happens many time that when you try to find a domain for your blog, it is not available. So try not to stick on just one word. For example, a kitchen blog doesn’t necessarily have to have the word “kitchen” in it. The words “food”, “cooking” “recipes” and “meals” would also describe that your blog is about kitchen.

If you are looking for a personal blog then I recommend you to have your name within the blog anyhow as this would be representing you only. A personal blog without a person name does not stand so good.